The inception is fitted with discreet screw fixtures that allow for a simple strap replacement. In addition to the core design of our watch strap, a variety of different looks are available, to ensure an element of individuality to your watch. Following the mechanics and functionality of the straps, the next step was to identify the styles in which they would be created.

Our strap collection includes a stealthier and more textured take on our core Inception strap, to a croc pattern genuine leather strap for those who desire something more luxurious.


Our Pro Straps represent the evolution of the standard Inception strap. Substituting the vibrant stitching for a stealthier all black silicone mould, whilst adding texture and shape to the design Available in either Vent or Cube for a contemporary and brilliantly understated look that ensures ultimate comfort and security.


The Exec straps give the Inception a more distinguished look and feel. Distressed genuine leather provides a beautiful textured finish, complimenting both Gun Metal and Steel finishes with an unexpected combination of materials.
Available in either Cocoa or Haze.


Our Lux range is the pinnacle of Inception straps. Croc pattern genuine leather elevates the Inception with a further exploration into textures. Offering a different contrast against the watch casing then previously seen, the Lux straps are available in Cocoa and Black.