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Review for STEEL/RED

This is a serious watch and I’m a watch geek. First, I heard of this watch from a few friends and a couple of pics online and liked the looks of it. Ordering was easy and it comes in a few days. Simple wooden box and the watch is nicely presented. When you get this you should take a picture of the QR code on the back to register but they already do this when you buy online. It looks quite futuristic with a little card manual rather than papers and the barcode on the back. The watch is not too expensive and is very nice. I bought the red one with steel finish and am very happy with it. The strap is very comfortable and it feels a good solid weight on the wrist. It’s big at 45mm but makes people notice and as questions because its new and also an interesting shape. There is lots of details on the fact with different textures with the color. For the movement the dials turn and rotate to tell the time without normal hands so its different and interesting compared to other watches. You quickly get used to the different way of reading time once you understand how it works. For under US$1,000, its the best watch I have.

Jackie Lau


Once you can tell the time on the watch it’s easy. You just look at the top left hand and then the top right. I have tiny wrists and usually struggle with watch straps but this one fitted nicely and comfortably. I’m often asked about my watch and it’s become a great talking/networking piece. I’ve been surprised at how good the Inception piece is to be honest which is why I’m leaving a review. I shan’t be going back to a conventional watch any time soon

James Purton

Review for GUN METAL/RED

I’ve had my gun metal and red watch for about a month now and can’t say I once regret buying it! It’s a conversation starter at work; lots of colleagues love their watches but none have seen one like this. It stands out from the standard style you see on everyone’s wrists day in and day out. If you want something no one has seen before, with great build quality, comfortable feel on the wrist and top quality service…. Head to lytt labs!

Loz Dudek

Review for GUN METAL/RED

Wanted to add a piece to my collection but this ended up being my weekend watch as nobody has seen this before. It has a great vibrant color and sits large on my wrist. The guys are pretty cool and I had a few chats with them before I bought my piece, and got a free strap too. Delivery was fast (2 days).

Ardika Sulaiman


came across with Lytt Labs a few weeks ago by casually browsing some Instagram posts and I immediately knew that those watches got the potential of being THE watches that I’ve been long looking for…

I needed though to tick some boxes:
• Micro brand: CHECKED
• Automatic movement: CHECKED
• Sapphire crystal: CHECKED
• Water resistance => 50m: CHECKED
• Unique design: CHECKED

So, after I confirmed that the watch checked all my boxes I decided to get one (the green option) and boy, I got to tell you that it exceeded my wildest expectations by far:

1. The size and weight feel right. It’s a bit on the heavy side but not too bad considering that I am already spoiled with some other watches in my collection made of Forged Carbon and Titanium which are super light materials.
2.  The back of the watch is simply beautiful. I love the way the managed to conceal the screws.
3. The rubber strap is a really a high quality one. It does not feel like an afterthought.
4. The ‘brand’ is very discrete on the watch face. I like that!
5. It’s remarkable accurate. I did wear the watch for an entire week and it kept the right timing. Not even 1 minute difference against the time on my cell phone.
6. It falls nicely between Casual and Casual Smart, so I could wear it with t-shirts on weekends all the way to my usual office outfit on weekdays. As a matter of fact, I would say that it could be used in even more formal events and yet still being elegantly appropriate.
Last but not least, a superb customer Service…

For me, beyond impressive technical specifications or expensive materials, the whole point of having a micro-brand watch is the cozy feeling of being part of something special. A sort of a family or brotherhood… having a watch that are not massively produced in the millions but in limited quantities.

My green Lytt Lab managed not only squeezed itself into the TOP-5 my collection but conquest the number 1 spot.

Congrats guys!

Carlos N

Carlos Navarro