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Making Good With
Shadez The Misfit


Photography by Samaya Lawal

Growing up in humble beginnings, Tazar Sancho (Shadez The Misfit), was faced with defining decision making moments in his younger life. Rather than continuing down likely darker paths, Shadez found his light. Through music, design, business and much more, he is on a determined journey to cement an original legacy of his own. 

Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do.

I am Tazar Sancho professionally known as to most as Shadez The Misfit. I am a Music Artist, Creative, Business owner and Humanitarian, but I always say ” I am not what I do…what I do is an extension of who I am”

How did young Tazar’s experience shape ShadezTM?

My young experience was a lot different to what it is now but fundamentally shaped me into what I feel is an unstoppable force.

I was very much involved in gang culture from a young age being the cool gangster like Benny from City of God, for me understanding that it was a mentality based on hyper-masculinity, confinement and ego but in addition not wanting to carry that over in myself and showcasing that to my potential family as I get older. The process of learning, unlearning, dealing with multiple trauma past and present, but also knowing that I have a drive, hustle and creativity that is unmatched unless you go through these events. It reminded me that the world is bigger than a postcode or gang name let alone reputation but to also pay homage and be grateful by what that path has made me into now, knowing my worth and value and appreciating ultimately the journey in everything.

Give us a typical day in the life of ShadezTM…

No day is the same for me and I embrace the fact that each day is a chance to change my life or get a step closer to goals set. It always ranges from a packed day filled with intense meetings (which includes a lot of food) to designing collections to even studio recording music, to attending cool events or just spending time with friends and family.

Clothes, music, business investments… sounds busy. How do you manage your time? Are you a free spirit or an organised planner of time?

Honestly, I am both a free spirit and organised. I personally feel you have to be organised when reaching your goals and tracking progress yet adaptable knowing that life and what it comes with is never to plan. Having faith in your ability and skill set to trust in free spirit especially when it gets to the early stages of creating then honing in further becoming organised to bring it to life.

What projects are you working on at the moment?

I am working mainly on the Shadez Experience online and offline with music as the main melting pot. What I love about music is that I’m able to convey my thoughts, feelings, emotions and experiences in a captivating way and synergising multiple skill sets to add value; such as creative directing, graphic design for artwork, directing music videos to even creating the clothing around it. Not to give much away but letting you know that what I’m working on is bigger than myself…

Describe your style of music and influences… who inspired you?

My style of music, I aim to not box it or put it into categories, but it is mainly hip hop, experimental and alternative hip hop influenced by life experiences, perspectives and truths…these things inspire me, being able to convey thoughts and feelings to say something or express emotions musically that when people hear it, they have always felt that way but didn’t know how to express it.

Musically I’m inspired by Andre 3000, Pharrell, Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Jay Z, Nipsey Hussle, James Blake, Sampha, Tyler The Creator and more – not just as artists but how they conduct themselves in business, their drive, their creativity through product.

Who would you most like to perform with?

I would love to perform with The Roots, Robert Glasper, Sampha, James Blake, Tyler The Creator, FKJ, KING just knowing they add an amazing element to the performance and the overall experience visually and via audio.

Watches… what do you wear and why?

When wearing a watch I feel it’s wearing an extension of not just time but your taste as an individual. For day to day, I’m always wearing my G-Shock as it represents toughness..persistence and perseverance over time. On special occasions and notable achievements, I wear Lytt Labs as a statement piece. I love how unorthodox it is and always has people talking.

Fashion and your style… how would you describe it and what brands do you wear?

I always have to remind myself that fashion and style are two completely different things ..as much as I love fashion and experiencing the trends that come with it like a revolving door, I cannot let it dictate me and my day to day. Style for me, doesn’t just show my personality and taste but it creates those healthy boundaries of knowing what suits me, my taste palette, my silhouette and more.

What accomplishment are you most proud of?

Honestly, my biggest accomplishment is yet to come. Currently if I had to say anything I would say freedom… that to me is my biggest achievement. The power to be myself unapologetically, and create freely through the things I love whilst inspiring others daily.

Time to spare (if ever)… how do you spend it?

I always make time for friends and family spending time with my partner and just meditating ..focusing on gratitude and my own peace of mind.

What are some of your favourite hangout spots in London… that isn’t a Vapiano? 😜

Vapianos for me is my second home so I never forsake such an amazing restaurant with quality food. Other hangout spots for me would be the studio, or just going to exhibitions for further creative inspiration. It’s nice to enjoy days to understand the creative minds of others to take a step back appreciate the concepts and processes behind their work.

What will the next 5 years look like for The Misfit?

I’m not mystic meg but from the hard work and preparation – it’s about being global and being placed in opportunities that surpass the local mindset but pays homage to the culture and local references regarding where I’m from.

From the music endeavours, more releases in the form of offline and online experiences that connect. Creativity that allows me to further spread my message, ethos and values via brands big and small, luxury and more. Even building my own businesses and services that extend my portfolio and make real differences to communities and consumers.

What does the concept of time mean to you? 

I always base the concept of time on keywords, a moment, an experience and the priorities that come with time as well as the freedom. Time is what you make it, you either use your time usefully or waste it …personally, it’s a form of currency worth so much and once used can’t be bought back. So for me, gratitude has a huge part to play and like any currency, spending it wisely.

Complete this sentence. Take time to…

Be your best self, enacting who you’re meant to be unapologetically.

Shadez The Misfit’s Summer Playlist.