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The Inception is the first step in the Lytt Labs journey. Following our ethos, our first timepiece steps away from tradition in almost every way. A contemporary creation with technical design and beautiful detail, highlighting the interesting use of shape, depth, contrast and colour resulting in a truly unique watch.


Our watch face is crafted from a combination of three separate component groups; balanced rotating discs, indicators, and outer dial.

Our alternative time telling method uses three rotating discs of varying sizes carefully balanced above one another. By using an exposed motion in our components, keeping our discs perfectly weighted and ultimately flat is imperative to the functionality of the Inception. Each disc is designed to bring both movement, shape and texture to the dial. An hour disc stamped to reveal a grooved underlying plate, a minute disc with almost record like textured finish designed to play off the light, and a seconds disc with the third anodised aluminium indicator (see above).

The most striking part of the watch face…

Constructed of two separate indicator rings with inward facing arrows and fixed around the 10 & 2 positions, our aluminum indicators introduce a striking and colourful aesthetic to the Inception. After testing a variety of materials and finishes during our prototyping stages, only anodisation provided the high standard vibrancy and metallic quality demanded. The indicators reflect light with intensity and infuse the watch face with colour through the sapphire crystal. Aside from the casing, our indicators provide the variety of the Inception range.

Purely aesthetics…

Surrounding the multiple rotating discs along with the anodized indicators is our two component turbine outer dial.

Initially designed to have the 12 markers stamped onto the layered effect outer dial… we instead opted to use 12 individually created and hand placed chrome blocks. This gave a higher quality of finish, tex ture and contrast to the entire piece, whilst emphasising the technical design further. The result is a turbine dial that adds exceptional volume, depth and detail.


Our DNA…
The cushion shaped casing is our eye catcher, the first impression that attracts curiosity and always a second look. Loyal to our approach of forward thinking design and functionality, our off-square shape is anything but classic, and ensures presence and impact on the wrist. Our unique silhouette shows smooth profile lines from all angles, finished with a gripped beveled crown, again reflecting the cushion shape of the case.

7 stages of production…

With true intention and attention, our case back is the result of a rigorous process. The journey of which can be seen below. (swipe right for the next stage)

STEP 1 : Blank Steel stamping

Our 316L stainless steel billets are pressed progressive stamping method to get the basic shapes. Multiple tools are used with repeated high pressure and force to achieve the basic shape.

STEP 2 : CNC and Drilling

In order to achieve the various contours and profiles or our unique case shape, the blank is processed through a CNC milling machine to achieve the various contours and profiles of the case. This process takes 45 minutes due to the contrast of the curves versus the feint pyramid shape.

STEP 3 : Chemical Etching.

To achieve the X-groove at the caseback, the piece needs to be masked before the channel can be chemically etched into the steel.
This method allows us to create the smooth x-shaped canals with no sharp edges.

STEP 4 : Sandblasting, Polishing and CNC.

The entire case back is first sandblasted to remove all tooling marks. This is to achieve a high standard finish, even in areas that cannot be seen. After the sandblasting, the sides and back are hand polished to a brush finish.

STEP 4 : Sandblasting, Polishing and CNC Continued...

Our craftsmen work carefully to ensure 4-directional brush finishes on the pyramid do not bleed into the next quadrant. The sides are carefully polished to prevent shape warping or dull edges. The cavity for the QR code is impressed using CNC method. Precision placement is critical to avoid any misplacement.

STEP 5 : Laser Engraving.

Precision laser engraving is used to ensure proper and accurate placement of all logos and lettering.


The caseback is then put through a 2-3 hour PVD process to a specified thickness of coating.

STEP 7 : Application of the QR code plate

The QR code plate is produced with precision, using a chemical etching process, inking, followed by a heat-baked protective coating to ensure longevity. The plate is then applied onto the caseback by using an extended 8 hour adhesion process to ensure permanent bonding


Ultimate comfort… Given the design and weight of our watch case, regular fixtures would not suffice in achieving the security and aesthetic standards required. Therefore a bespoke system needed to be developed. The solution, an insert molded strap with flush integration into the watch case. High tolerance fixtures and components ensure the security of the strap as well as it’s resistance to wear and tear.

Attached to a logo branded double prong watch buckle, our silicone strap is designed with comfort and style as priority.


New age authentication…
Both a way to register the watch whilst protecting against imitations, and an exclusive communication channel. When scanned, the unique code can is identified, taking the customer to a specific pages allowing priority access to releases, events and promotions.

Simple scan the QR code on the Inception from a smartphone* to access the owners area of our website.

*QR code reader app may be required